The team was asked to create a launch video and campaign for the Myriad X. The world’s first vision processing unit with a neural compute engine. The chip allows technology with a camera to be able to understand the world around it, while making decisions on its own and doesn’t depend on being connected to the cloud.

Our direction focused on how we could present the chip in a high-level manner that’s easy to understand. We focused on the chip’s versatility and how it could benefit people from all walks of life. By working closely with the Movidius team we were able to use the product knowledge to expand the possibilities for this new VPU.




When Father Saucey approached me to design and art direct for him the general idea was that we keep shit weird. His focus with each new track he produces is more about the creative expression and less about where it fits. He was looking for someone who could creative direct his visuals with this idea in mind.

Having known Father Saucey for a long time, we use our personal and shared experiences to develop ideas for each project we work on. We start each project with a clean slate and never worry about what we have previously created. This keeps our concepts constantly evolving and most importantly it keeps shit weird.




An Intel Internet of Things social campaign. The team was asked to provide content that speaks to Recon Jet Pro’s usefulness in industrial environments. The glasses allow you to work hands free while lowering work place risk, increasing job quality and worker productivity.

Our focus for the Recon Jet Pro was in the benefits it provides to the everyday worker in fast paced environments. We used the futuristic design and use of the product to highlight its capabilities and versatility in different industries.     




Designory had a Valentine’s themed social they were hosting and asked me to come up with posters for the event. Anything goes, the deadline is in two weeks.

Being sick of your run of the mill “Valentine’s design” I thought about what this type of event would look like if it were being held in the future. My goal was to make both posters feel at home printed out in 2019 or on a holographic screen in the year 3030.




Selected Works.

Skulls, snakes, ray-guns & stuff.




In the tech industry new products are released and updated at a dizzying pace. Intel is no exception; the team is constantly tasked to create visuals for emerging technologies. While not every technology is the same, the need to distill information and create impactful stories is a constant.

Leveraging the product knowledge, we use every opportunity to present each product in a precise and digestible manner. Through the use of motion design, sound design and art direction it’s about finding the right creative solutions for the right products.




Metlife wanted to update the look of their iconography for their website and other collateral. The new icons would visually convey all the services they provide, while giving them a modern look and staying true to the Metlife brand.

Using the previous icons as a foundation we distilled each one to its essence and worked from there. The main priority was to simplify these complex ideas into 72px squares and keep a consistent voice throughout.




An extension of the Intel Videos. The landing pages expand on the technology details that can’t be done in 30 second videos.

By using graphic visuals supported by copy, we can pair down paragraphs worth of information. This is accomplished by using visual stats and interesting textures to keep the eye moving and the reader engaged.




MetLife hosts a variety of conferences across the country but wanted to use their visual identity to cater to each unique location. Their first task was to create an event kit for their upcoming conference in Santa Barbara, California. Sun, sand and insurance.

Using MetLife’s colors and flat illustration style we created representations of the city. Using the illustrations, we took pieces of each to use on smaller assets and give the conference a unified look.